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ROOTS Web Services offers a full range of consulting services including Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud advisory, strategy and planning, design, implementation, and transformation. At ROOTS Web Services, our AWS certified Developers, Architects, and Associates will help you implement the right AWS Cloud solution for your needs. Contact us today! or 800-750-7998

Cloud Advisory
We deliver enterprise-class AWS cloud solutions. By leveraging our expertise, we will successfully lead you through the AWS cloud adoption process so that you do not feel overwhelmed by it. Guided by a customized roadmap, you will discover strategic specifics of how to adopt AWS cloud services at your own pace, rather than embracing radical decisions which could be potentially destructive to your business.

Strategy and Planning
We follow processes which enable the selection of the best Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions for you. Through our approach you will be able to see tangible benefits for your firm, such as a reduction in capital expenditures, more flexibility for scalability, building a disaster recovery plan, improving your security and document control, and being more competitive in your business.

An effective design is critical for a successful AWS cloud implementation or migration. We understand that good design encompasses traits such as being logical and consistent. By adhering to these traits, we can help ensure that the design that we envision and develop is coherent to you.

Our belief is that decisions made during the design and implementation phase have a huge impact on the quality and total cost of ownership of AWS cloud hosted applications and services. Our consulting team will walk you through each decision and why it is being made.

Our cloud transformation service is designed to help you adopt the AWS cloud in the right way. This involves developing a successful strategy and roadmap so you can effectively use the AWS cloud to drive not only cost savings, but also revenue and growth.

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