Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cost-effective Disaster Recovery Solutions customized for your requirements

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? Is your on-premise Disaster Recovery environment costing a fortune to stay idle in the event of a catastrophic failure?

There are many options for cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plans that can significantly reduce your IT capital expenditure. Migrating your Disaster Recovery environment to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud will allow you to re-purpose your on-premise servers that were once sitting idle.

Interested in learning more about your options with AWS cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plans? Contact us today and we will help you align your Business Continuity Processes with an AWS cloud-based solution, while reducing your IT capital expenditure.

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Pilot Light Solution
The Pilot Light solution is designed to maintain a small footprint environment in the AWS cloud. This solution is similar to a backup and restore solution. In the event of a disaster, the provisioned pilot light solution can be quickly provisioned to support your DRP requirements from 25% capacity to 100% capacity.

Diagram - Pilot Light Solution

Warm Standby Solution
The Warm Standby Solution is an extension of the Pilot Light Solution. Business critical applications are running on the AWS cloud. To reduce costs, these servers are provisioned at a minimum configuration. These environments can be used for non-production environments. This approach further reduces the recovery time as the critical applications are always running on AWS.

Diagram - Warm Standby Solution

Multi-Site Solution
In this approach, the applications run in AWS as well as on-premise. These servers run at a production scale. Such environments can be used for production disaster recovery. This approach further reduces the recovery time as all the applications are always running on AWS.

Diagram - Multi-Site Solution

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