Managed Services

24x7 Proactive Management for your AWS Cloud Investment

The ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) team are AWS certified cloud professionals who use best practice solutions for your AWS cloud infrastructure. We give you the confidence that your systems are in good hands, which allows your company’s technical resources to focus on your core business and customers. Contact us today! or 800-750-7998

Change Management
ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) allows you to take control of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure changes. We help you plan, assess risks, and manage various tasks of a change through a set approval process. With our assistance, successful changes can be created into a template for pre-approved changes and can be run immediately through an automation engine, or scheduled to run at another time.

Patch Management
ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) frees you from having to keep all of your OS patching current. Whether updates or patches are released by Amazon Linux, RHEL 7, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, etc, RMS installs them in an efficient, consistent way to protect the health of your OS and minimize the impact on your business.

Incident Management
ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) cloud infrastructure monitoring continuously checks the health of your AWS infrastructure, identifies alerts & incidents, and resolves issues.

Provision Management
ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) allows you to quickly deploy your AWS cloud infrastructure on-demand. This enables your teams to easily stand up environments as needed, and at minimal cost.

Access Management
By using ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) to configure your Access Management, you can easily manage multiple authentication mechanisms and configure default security capabilities. You can also use corporate credentials to access AWS cloud resources.

Security Management
ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) provides security and protection for your AWS infrastructure. Services such as anti-malware protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems allows RMS to quickly act in the case of any intrusions.

Continuity Management
ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) can back up your system in specified intervals that you schedule at your own convenience. We can restore any backups when needed, which can protect against any failure or outage.

ROOTS Managed Services (RMS) provides real-time data and logs that give you access to the data being used to manage the infrastructure of your business. A monthly summary of operational performance and activities, along with recommendations for optimizing usage is provided.

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